looking for a Heritage saddle bag organinzer

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by just4u, Sep 19, 2009.

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    I've been looking for a Organizer that would mount to the inside over the mounting bolts. I can't seem to fine one any where, so I thought of asking veiwers of this site. This organizer would just be to hold Maps,Cell phone,glasses, pen,pencil, pad,tire pressure gauge. you know the things we all use and want them to be easy to fine, not down on the bottom of the saddle bag. thanks, PJ

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    May not be much help, but I like the idea of nylon zip up liners to allow you to empty them quickly. There are the expensive HD ones, but you can find plenty of substiutes...even in (please do not beat me up on this) the thrift stores for "dirt cheap". The other obvious advantage is there are also insulated bags that could be sized to fit your bags and carry "refreshments", groceries or what have you.

    Just keep the inside measurements in your wallet and be patient. It is amazing...I even saw PC carry bags...in Leather there, too large for my Leatherneck Jims, but would have been perfect for the long Heritage bags..., and it had plenty of storage and expandable accordion side that would go almost 8"...a virtual weekender suitcase.