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  1. :helpThe wife dont like the seat on my sporty and i dont blame her its small and not much padding . we are going to take some road trips this year most will be 5 to 8 hr rides , and she said no way!! not till i get her sumthin other than the rear fender to sit on lol , im not tryin to start a debate but im looking for the best seat out there for her to enjoy the ride as much as I. and we all know if momma aint happy then noone is happy lol know what i mean ? I was looking at a gel seat but i just dont know. i got a detach sissy bar and im going to keep my solo seat for the days i ride alone but i need a lazyboy feeling seat for when she jumps on the back and says lets go daddy. sorry if there is a post for this, i tried to find one and came up with nothin helpfull
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    Hey feel your pain...or I should say felt your pain....Ride a Road King...two up...and we ain't no spring chickens...but I must tell ya the very first thing I had to do was replace my stock seat for Momma...coz what you said 'bout Momma...its true ...anyway I'm 62 and Momma 58...we've ridden 809 miles in one day..from Bonneville Mo. to Rapid City South Dakota...and got off and walked like we been sittin in our recliner all day..lol here what we used ...hope this may help ya...Motorcycle Products, Wireless Bluetooth, Headsets, Nolan, HGC, Helmets, Seats, CB Radio
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    You absolutely need to replace the stock Sporty seat if you carry a passenger, even for five minutes! Your wife isn't kidding about "sitting on the fender." I put a Regal Duke from Mustang on mine and it's a big improvement. They also make some serious touring seats but I'm not positive about compatability/looks on a Sporty. Also, seats can get pricey but you can sometimes find a great deal cruising Ebay or Craigslist.

    Second thing - rear shocks. In my opinion, Sportsters aren't set up or intended to be ridden for hours on end like you're going to do. You should seriously consider upgrading to some high quality, adjustable shocks that can change depending on the type of ride you're going to do that day. I have progressives on mine and the ride is MUCH better.

    Third - think about a windshield and some kind of highway pegs for YOUR comfort. Fighting the 70MPH wind blast for 8 hours is going to leave you exhausted, but you make a great shield for your passenger!

    Good luck and ride safe!!
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    My wife loves our sundowner seat. We bought it the week after I got the bike and she hasn't complained since, that includes a nine hour ride to memphis in August. I just have to do something about her footpegs.
    Thanks for the info guys and it realy helped and gave me a few more things to think about. i do have forward controls on it . and im a lil stretched out , but the W/shield i will look into as well . the big rigs do tend to get windy passing them or even trying to go around one is drafty. thanks so much guys for the info , it did realy help .