Looking at a 09 fat bob cvo, any experiences?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by 01spring01, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Ive read about faulty wheel bearings, rear cylinder leaks, excessive vibration at certain rpms, chrome peeling of the wheels. Anybody have these problems?
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    I have a 2009 fat bob, but not the cvo version. The $10K difference in price is attributable, first of course, to the 110 engine, then fancier cast wheels, a ton of chrome upgrades, cool leather seat, etc. Some of the stuff you're hearing about (wheel bearings, chrome peeling) would presumably happen on the non-cvo versions, as well --- if they were a problem. Speaking on behalf of me and my bike, after 11 months and 18,500 miles, I have experienced no problems like that. I do hear a lot of negative press from others in my HOG group about the 110 cvo engine. I cannot say anything first-hand about it. To be honest about it, I kinda don't like the cvo version of the fat bob because all that glitz runs contrary, in my humble opinion anyway, to the whole fat bob "bobber" thing. If I wanted a kick-butt fat bob, I'd get the regular version, upgrade to a 103, do the air/exhaust/cam upgrades, then selectively upgrade chrome-type components and in the end save about five grand. You would then have a screaming FXDF.
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    I just listed mine in the bikes for sale section under "2009 CVO Fat Bob". I did replace the rear wheel bearing. The cyliner leaks you refer to were on the 07/08 bikes (I was going to buy an 08 Springer but didn't because of the leak). This problem was resolved for the 09 year. My bike has no vibration that I can tell. It has 5400 miles and I'm still riding.

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    Just read Harris48cars post and his comment about Springer model. Had a fellow rider with a Springer do an evasive maneuver to avoid a collision, hit a low curb at an angle and then tip over only just a week ago. Would you believe the bike was TOTALED? Seems the Springer front end tubes are long on leverage but small in diameter (oval cross section) so not very strong in even minor collisions.

    Insurance adjuster says it is VERY rare for Springer to be rebuilt as compared to other HD models. I have to agree, those tubes are not more stout than a mountain bike conventional fork tube...only 1 1/2 or so tubes times 4. Good reason why MOCO moved away from the design, especially during wartime developement during WWII...they are long on traditional looks and feel, but very short on surviveability! JMO
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