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I changed my mirrors on my Ultra. Do I need to use Loctite? If so, do you suggest the red or blue?
Let's say that locktite is for critical fasteners, the red is for brake calipers and that sort of thing that do not get removed often and can be removed with the application of some heat to the bolt. The blue can be used anywhere there is a need to keep things from vibrating loose and can be removed with a wrench with no problems afterwards.

Loctite Applications and Tips - Harley Davidson Community
I work at a power plant and use at least a dozen Loctite products. Blue is for fasteners. 242 comes apart with a wrench, 262 with a big wrench, and 292 with a torch and a big wrench. They also sell a primer that increases the bond strength. I've twisted 3/4'' bolts in two that were primered and set with 292. Red is a retaining compound. Let's say you spun a bearing race in it's housing and needed a quick "temporary" fix. Most will fill up to a .010" gap.
Never used the red so cant say on that but am a firm believer in the blue on anything i don't want vibrating loose. Specially useful on fasteners that have to be torqued to spec. Will help keep them where they belog.

My opinion (Not that is worth much) is a properly maintained machine does not need Loktite.
I posted this before I believe. You can use finger nail polish if you would like. I use it and have had no problems.. Ride Safe Doug