Loading up at cold idle

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    Hello to all and thanks for the info I have already used.
    I am riding a 2000 Road King and also posting about the same.This bike has approx 51,000 miles,203 cams with new bearings,lifters and pushrods.Also has a big sucker air cleaner and samson turndown mufflers ans a power commander.Having trouble at startup.Bike starts fine but after 4 to 5 seconds it will load up and choke itself out.Runs pretty good when warmed up ... a little rich.The power comm was preset from the factory and this situation has been on going for a while,even pre power comm.Have tried to check for codes by jumping the 1st and 2nd pins on the data link but nothing comes up.
    Not sure which way to go next so any help would be appriciated.

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