Little Speedometer help please :)

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by egreene429, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. egreene429

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    I just purchased a Dyna SuperGlide 2001 model, and while riding last night my speed-o dropped down to 10 mph, then quit. The odo went out as well. The backlight is still lit, and after searching the forum, tried the speed-o cleaning (have the sensor), still nothing. I also tried to enter the speed-o diagnostics and nothing...... Now once or twice when turning on the switch, the odo would come up for a few seconds (about 5) then blank out again. I plan on taking it apart and testing the switch, as well as the connections, but..... i wanted to consult the experts to see if there is anything i should be looking for that i may otherwise miss. Any input would be great. Hope i supplied enough info for someone to help me diagnose. Thx
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    Aside from a wiring problem the sensor usually will require replacement. Cleaning sometimes helps but is only temporary.
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    Just a little follow-up from lunch: Went home, pulled off the cover, cleaned the reset switch out(it was ruff inside, but still functional-ohmed out), pulled out the sensor- put it back in, it did a dyno sweep once, and the odometer came back up, but still no speed on the speed-o. Sounds like i gotta get a sensor :(
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    Check your battery while then engine is running to test the voltage regulator. I f it is putting out to many volts it causes the speedo to go haywire. I believe the maximum voltage should be 14.6 volts.
    My Fatboy had simular symptoms and I replaced the sensor and still had problems. I took it to the dealer and the said it was the voltage regulator. They replaced it and no more problems.
    hope this helps,