? List main change differences 2009/2010 hd bagger models

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    2009/2010 had some changes and could someone put them on this thread please..

    I thought WE went over this before i went on a road trip this past week....

    now that I'm back, I couldn't find a direct thread to go and view the MAIN motor, tranny and other changes on the model years 09-10 to see if it warranted a 09 purchase or a 2010 purchase...

    I was looking for the FLHR changes and a full list of changes maybe of interest to quite a few other members here...

    MY bike had ANOTHER electrical problem...NO JUICE/LOW BATTERY... stranded in BEND OREGON

    the speedo went crazy and check engine light was on and off..... the speed-o quit then started again only to go out in short order...

    I have a set of 6 speed gears in my 2000 dyna...a little plug-in calibrator device to correct the speedo.... so I unpluged that unit and after a few on-offs with the key it seemed to work again with out the calibrator: 20 is 40 and 30 is 60 mph... check engine light never came on again BUT when checked at HD shop it turned out to be the voltage regulator not working..

    2.5 months about june 10 or so the stator BURNT out and new was installed along with a new voltage reg. just incase...

    NOW this all lead up to a 2 day wait at cascade hd in bend org. as v reg. found and shipped.

    ..... GETTING too close to the NEW BIKE show room...

    I traded up for a new a 2009 roadking.... not enough on trade on my bike but 2000 $$ HD sug price and no other charges like set up n shipping on the 09 model...... also split 50% cost on sissie bar n luggage rack installed with both on removeable docking hardware. I felt happy - a handshake n it's mine now..

    used the 30/60 in 3rd to break in the rings then a up- down thru the gears with no lugging for the 2 up n gear on journey home...

    weather on the way back up here to wash.(costal route up n down thru the gears) was perfect for break-in and not HOT
    NOW with 750 miles on it I changed oil n filter in engine 20/50 redline and will change out the chincase to redline MTL and tranny to shock-proof heavy redline after next ride.

    this bikes tranny was quiet 1st n 5th but hearing talk, some others have a definite WHINE... maybe lucky on the draw this time..

    I'm loving the big bagger..... signed BUBBIE
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    Wait for the water cooled engine. These baggers run hot!!
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    You still interested in the differences now that you've bought your 2009? :D

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    YES...... when talking with DIFFERENT dealers i thought MANY FALSE STATEMENTS may have been MADE just to sell one or the other model years...

    ALL 2010's have cats in the exhaust pipes..... OR IS IT?
    one dealer said ALL another said SOME and another didn't know.... SO YES I"M ASKING thank you

    If cat's are true? and in a few or all i'm just glad to HAVE the 2009

    as an opinion said TOO HOT NOW

    remember i said some others might want to know...

    going on line for me isn't my best jack of all trades..... I have YET to see or find a list of differences between the 2 model years.....

    WALLEYE seamed to know a lot about the differences.. maybe he'll weigh in on this...

    THANKS ....signed BUBBIE
  5. IR Rick

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    I have a 2009 coming up on 9000 miles in the last three months, never mist a beat,
    couple of freinds pickup 2010 103" We went out for a 600 mile ride over the weekend,
    I found my stock 2009 was able to run in 5th on the mountian passass when both 2010 103" had to drop to 4th My 09 no cats 2010 has cats