Link a Video of Your Police Model Here

Discussion in 'Police Bikes' started by The Tank, Feb 4, 2011.

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    Link a video of your Police Model here in this Sticky thread!

    Keep in mind that a video needs to be hosted elsewhere and not uploaded like a picture of your bike would be. You must link to videos. That means that the great movie you made of your scoot that is on your hard drive needs to be hosted elsewhere (not on HDTimeline).

    Simply click the [​IMG] and link to your video hosted on YouTube or other video hosting website in your new post. Linking is accomplished by copying and then pasting the full URL to your video in your new post.

    You can add words about the movie in the same post. Tell us all about your scoot and maybe also some of the people that are appearing in your video with your ride!!

    HDTimeline rules apply (no language or content that is against the rules we have here in our Great Community).
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