Like Willie Nelson…..On the Road Again

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Gold4484, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Gold4484

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    I must say, it has been a L-O-N-G 11 months! But after hoping and planning, and modding my StreetBob, I am riding again! The last 8 weeks have been the hardest, as when I do some work on the bike, either the weather or other priorities prevent it. BUT, after all mods done, trial and error involving taking off, a little more fabrication, and putting back on, and test riding for almost 400 miles,everything is still working. I am riding AGAIN!
    I had put a Pingle electric shifter on when I bought it new in '07 for a very different reason. This past winter, I searched and found parts that fit on a Heritage would fit on my shift linkage. So I had to modify those parts to fit the linkage of the Pingle. So now I have a heel/toe shifter AND the electric shift working together.
    Only problem I have at TIMES, is with a prosthetic foot, I don't have any feeling of how hard I am pushing down on the levers. I am learning to be a little more gentle! :) Now after learning and concentrating, I don't have a problem finding neutral.
    Now only thing left to do, is get an extender for my stand, as it is a tad cumbersome to twist my foot to reach it.
    I guess you can say, this is a GREAT 50th anniversary present to me. Started riding when I was 14, and now 64, that means 50 years of riding some sort of 2 wheel motorized machine.
    I guess I can truly say I am in 'HOG' heaven! :yahoo

  2. fin_676

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    Good to hear that you are after this long period finally back on the road i am sure with time practise and further tweaking it will get easier

  3. Jack Klarich

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    :s That is such great news, you have a strong will to ride and I hope you all the best :rider
  4. mat 60

    mat 60 Senior Member

    Most people would have given up riding..That said I think its very cool that with lots of hard work you are riding again....Good for you brother.:)...Mat
  5. FLHTom1948

    FLHTom1948 Member

    Brian -i am sooo close to getting my '92 cop bike up and running; kudos to you for your fine effort!
  6. dbmg

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    May you have continued success in all that you do Gold4484. And glad to hear you are back in the wind again... Congrats :s
  7. STEVE07

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    That is great news! I have been following your journey back while not commenting much but this is GREAT!!!
  8. Gold4484

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    Hey THANKS everyone! Been so long without, anymore when there is no rain, I'm gone! I even forget to shut the lights and computers off. :D
    The feeling of riding never leaves, but ya sure do miss it when you can't. Still have to figure an extension for the stand tho. One time today I had trouble getting to it. But guess what?.....I really don't care!
    Thanks for following Steve.

  9. bc45

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    Glad to hear you are riding again. My friend also has a prosthetic from just under knee, once he put a heel/ toe shifter on his fat boy and once he got used to it he dint need a electric shift.
  10. geezer

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    I don't know if it would work for you but I tried a stand on from my wife's Deluxe because it has a long spike. It work's so much better I bought myself the Deluxe stand and that's what I use on my Heritage. Just a thought.