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    I have a 2000 sportster had lights one minute and the next..bang..all lights out. no headlight,running lights,brake light and no odom or speed light. the only thing is when I turn the key the nutrual light and the oil light comes on. It starts, so I was woundering where the fuses on a 2000 sportster is. I seen in one forum for a 98 it was behind the left cover next to the battery. I don't see anything like that. What happened was I crank it over and the battery was died so I put a new one in but forgot to turn the key off so there was a spark while hooking up the battery. I also change headlights and clucth lever. but I don't see any damage to the wires.....please help.thanks

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    The fuses are behind the left cover battery/wiring side tucked up just below the seat rim. Check your owners/service manual to be sure, but the instrument 15A fuse is the 2nd one down on the right, your spare 15A fuse is the 3rd one down on the right. :dknow

    The real question is what blew it, did you do mods to the wiring in the handlebar control(s) wiring? Good place to start, and make sure wiring passes thru holes drilled in the bars have cut or chafed wire insulation and the sharp edges are smooth and chamfered to the lay of the wiring. Wrap them with plastic tubing or layers of electrical tape...Good Luck :small3d031:
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