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lights on generator?

I just bought a 73 harley custom rigid chopper,the battery is not charging,what I am wondering,is that on the generator there is a red light and a green light,what are they for,when I first start the bike both lights light up,after its started just the red light is on,is that telling me that it is not charging?
hey glider I tried your jumper wire to the generator,before i did it just the red light was on all the time,after i did the wire thing now neither light is on,do you know if the green light is supposed to be on if its charging.i hope i didnt screw anything up.
just a side note: when i first started this the green and red light would light up while starting,once started the green light would go out and the red light would stay on,then all of asudden the green light was not coming on at all but the red light would stay lit,now after the jumper wire trick,there are no lights at all
Don't know if the green is supposed to be on, not familiar with that system. If you have a multi meter, hook up to the battery and see if the charge rate gets higher as you raise the RPM's.
i guess the part with the lights on it is technacly the regular it fits on the end of the regulator,its one of those aftermarket ones from cc rider.
Look like this?

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