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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Knut Erik, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Knut Erik

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    For the 3. time in 2 years my drivebelt snaps right off, the last belt only lasted for 3.000 km. No warnings,I just started the engine and put in 1.gear and no reaction like having it in neutral, then I saw the belt laying on the ground. I was told that it normally would last for 60. to 100.000 km. New pulleys are installed so it could not be them, the belt was changed in a HD-workshop in september.And the tension is correct...
  2. glider

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    If the tension is correct, the only things left is where you ride and the problems would be debris getting under the belt. It also could be the style of riding causing the problem.

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    I have 81,000 and 26 years on the original. I don't drive agressively. I carry a emergency belt just in case. Hope you have beter luck next time - Bob
  4. Breeze3at

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    Are you traveling with heavy load (2 big people) on really bumpy roads? That is very unusual. I have abused the belt on my '92 Dyna for 65,000 miles (104,000 km) with no problems yet.
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    Those little stones that come up from the road are bad about getting under the belt. One little hole in the belt will break eventually.
  6. Hoople

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    Under 20K miles on a belt is early. You said the belt tension is correct but you did not say how it was checked. You also said both pulley(s) meaning front and rear? Does your year bike have a stone guard? If not, I would try coming up with one. Otherwise my guess is the adjustment is incorrect on the tight side since it has been 3 belts in 2 years..

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    One other thing, the newer belts are "supposed" to be tougher and there is no date code I know of for those belts (new is a relative term). There is also the issues others bought up in that the lower belt guard is far from protecting the fully exposed belt underneath (brings to mind the first Yamaha Virago V-Twin that had a fully enclosed belt drive). Then there are the riding conditions rocky roads, heavy loading (don't tell the missus)...and the likely and easily err...belt tension and pulley conditions/alignment.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Checking and cleaning and tight but not over tight no reason you cant get at least 50, 0000 miles from a belt. I have never replaced belts and I usually get this kind of miles before I trade or sell them, Jack

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    I saw it happen....... On my bike at the HD dealer...

    The mechanic said he was inspecting my belt on a rear tire change. Noticed an OLD rock hole in the center of the belt and I was called to Look...

    I said I knew it was there and it was no problem... While Looking with the mechanic. He was twisting and bending the belt open , in reverse position so he could show me.. I hollered for him to STOP,,, He jumped as I said that and asked why..I said, YOU don't squeeze a belt tight into a "reverse loop" nor a "forward one" either.. The fibers are not built to take that.(.)

    I never gave it much more thought Until about a week later the belt snapped and it was a straight across snap right where he had bent it tightly to look at the old rock hole.It was a clean hole and right in the middle of the belt as I removed the rock a month or so earlier....It should not have been a problem.

    I attribute the snapping of belt, with the Bending tightly in reverse.

    I thought about saying something, but I Just went ahead and replaced my belt with a newer one.... I called that My 2 LUCKY days, as it broke outside my garage the next morning and the night before (lucky) I had just beat a huge storm home...

    The point here is Handling of the belt Before you get it. Who knows?

    Belts should never be placed into a tight bend and doing so could shorten the life of one.. Your belt probably "Could Of Happened" this waay if it was mishandled in shipping or ?

  10. Hoople

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    I would guess more belts break from being too tight than too loose. If I was going to make an error on belt tension, I would rather have it a bit loose than a bit too tight. It will never live through being too tight but may live through being a bit loose.