Lenale has some competition.

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by R_W_B, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. R_W_B

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    A guy on another forum bought a set of these at Octoberfest this year. Said the Company is set to start selling them retail this month. They are called Love Jugs and are dual cooling fans for stationary parade duty etc.

    He says he used to have a Lenale and these put out way more air. Wonder how much more noisy they are. Don't know yet how much they will sell for.
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  2. wilks3

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    Nice lookin' springer! The fans would have to grow on me alittle while. Almost look like eyeballs.
    Now if someone could make a combination horn/fan combo, that might work better...and look better too.
  3. dbmg

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    Me to... What benefit would it be to just blow hot air on one side of cylinders?
    I would bet that the temp may even increase on the right side. The heat dissipation from the engine has to happen somewhere and wonder if it increased on opposite side... Harley's are made for Police duty which ends up in alot of parading type situations, and do not come with a fan. I have never seen a city Police bike with a fan.
  4. speedyron

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    bet that sucks up lotta juice too
  5. R_W_B

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    Oh yea for sure. But if you are stuck in traffic might be nice. I know I use my Lenale at long lites in Florida. Just kinda makes my legs a little less hot since the hot air moves, instead of radiating into your inner thigh. Plus the previous owner of my bike actually had the CPK sensor blow on him sitting stationary in the Easter Parade and had to have it towed in. I'm just curious about their price and noise factor. My lenale sounds kinda like a Huey helicopter turbine when it first starts (if you've ever heard that). If the engine is not running you can definitely hear it. With the V&H's not so much.

    You ever see where I mounted my Horn wilks? I think it is barely visible (least on a Black bike) but then I'm a little different that most folks, so you might not like it.

    As far as the need for fans is an age old argument which is has been covered to exhaustion elsewhere. But as far as physics are concerned, blowing air across the fins WILL cool the jugs. The fan on your lawn mower blows air on one side of the jugs too. It would be impossible to blow air from both sides or it would cancel and be no movement. There is no way this would cause the temp to increase on the other side, I don't quite follow that logic.

    Test have been done (and posted on this forum and others) that shows the Lenale fan keeps the HD engine from entering heat mode. So it does cool.

    That's a very good question and as yet I don't know the answer since they have no website or email yet that I can find. I only know of them from this guy that bought the fans from a booth at Octoberfest. I'm gonna send him a PM and ask what he paid for them.

    My Lenale has to draw less than 7amps since I have a 7 amp fuse on it. But I imagine it draws much less than that since it only has like a 18 gauge wire going to it. Hoople has a Lenale and he's the expert on electrical data he might could tell you bout the Lenale.

    Again I only use this thing when stopped. That is it's sole use. I also have an oil cooler (I'm a gadget guy) but if I had to choose between having just one of them, it would be the fan since it cools at the heads where all the heat is.

    Anyhow just thought I would throw this up in case anyone cared to see it.
  6. R_W_B

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    Well I got a message back from the feller that bought these things. Appears the price averages around $350 depending on whether you get higer quality chrome or normal chrome. I bought my Lenale for $220 a year ago. Found out later could have gotten it a little cheaper at Lenale's ebay store but I blew it and bought thru a reseller.

    Didn't really get any specifics on the noise level or amperage but he said the company plans to go public this month and has video documented tests showing them to beat both HD fans and the Lenale fans which would seem normal since there are two of them instead of one like the latter.

    Anyhow that's all I know bout it.
  7. Bodeen

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    Wow! Pricey little jokers. I will continue to go fanless.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I'd like to Chime in here;

    GOOD stuff to report on R_W_B and a good read from the yeas and the neighs....

    I like the idea of When stuck in stop n go traffic, You can COOL the bike down and Yes the Heat is where the fans are.. That is why the Oil gets hot in the first place (heads-pistons NOT cooling enough). Oil is sprayed to cool the heads-pistons but run out of it's ability to do so because NO air to cool the engine off.....I like the idea of two fans for a good cooling off..

    I like the Lawn-Mower cooling explained:laugh

    Thanks R_W_B

  9. dangerdan

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    Are there 2 fans per side or just the 2 we see in the picture ??
  10. Sarge571

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    We purchased one of the LOVE JUGS Harley Cooling Fan in Florida for the ride home from Daytona and that was a big mistake. These guys did absolutely no road testing on their fan. Within 500 miles the center rubber mounting bushing tore loose and the fan fell off, almost causing an accident on interstate 95. The Harley dealer replaced the mount with a heavier one, but almost immediately the fan began to shake apart due to excessive vibration. We were assured that the fan was tested for thousands of miles, but ours did not last more than 600. In my opinion the fan needs some significant re-engineering in order to be road worthy.:(