Lehman and Sportster?

Discussion in 'Trikes' started by Guamrider, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Guamrider

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    Just joined. Anybody got a Sportster and Lehman conversion? I got an almost brand new 2011 1200L/Lehman but it tends to "bottom out" the rear suspensin when hitting a hole in the road (about 2 inches).

    Tire pressure is 26. I'm thinking I need to beef up the shock absorber. Any ideas?
  2. zoood

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    I dont have one of those. I can only speculate on yours. Doesnt the conversion utilize the the shocks of the sportster? And if so,... cant you stiffen the shocks them selves? I would also think that you should put more air in the tires. I know some will run less for a softer ride. But the tires may be mushrooming out on bumps and contacting the inner fender well. If you supply pictures. We would get a better idea of how to adjust your set-up.

  3. FLTR2008TRIKE

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    If your Lehman kit uses the stock shocks you will have to lengthen them to give more travel up and down. The trike frame and body adds weight that the shocks have to carry and it possible this added weight is causing the shock to bottom out.