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    For those of you looking for a LED light kit, this looked like a pretty good deal to me. Granted, I don't know a whole lot about the kits, but this one is $129 (I swear it was $100 yesterday !!??) regular price is $169, and from what I've seen that is still a good price. PM me for the website. Kit includes:

    Your LED Light Kit includes:
    1 12vDC RF Remote Controller w/2 Keyfob Remotes - 3 Amps of capacity means you can hook up all the LED Lights you want to this control and never have to worry about having enough juice!
    Small unit means you can mount it anywhere on a motorcycle.
    12vDC operation ensures regulated 12v to your LED Lighting. Reducing premature failures.
    RF Remote control via multi-function keyfob remote up to 100ft away (unobstructed)
    Dimmable, Multiple "flashing/strobe" patterns, Fading (breathe) glow pattern & On/Off via Remote
    2 12 inch Black Backed LED Flex Ribbon Strips (18 LEDs), Double stick tape and quick connects.
    8 High Power Multi-Angle 5-LED Pod Lights - Fan (spreader) pattern
    2 High Power 4-LED Pod Lights - Spot pattern
    2 5 Position Lever-Lock Terminal blocks
    25 Foot spool of 22ga. Red/Black 12vDC power hookup wire
    1 12ga. Heavy Duty / Extreme Condition inline ATC Fuse holder with 5 Amp ATC Fuse
    12 Inches of 3M brand Black VHB industrial grade double side tape (1/2" x 1/16" x 12")
    12 Inches of 1/2" and 1/4" black shrink tubing for securing your connections
    8 Small (grey) gauge wire nuts / 2 Medium (orange) gauge wire nuts
    10 4 in Black zip ties
    RF Remote Installation instructions
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    Do you have pictures and who is the manufacturer? Are you selling this?...if so you may want to move to the Buy and Sell section.
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    Sounds good.I would also like to see some pics.
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    Sorry Jer

    I got two similar threads mixed up and posted that pic in the wrong thread.