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Many have used LED bulbs in the lights on harleys but just an FYI for those who have.

The use of a LED bulb can set a code when used in directional lighting and the use in a brake light can cause cruise control problems in setting as well as a code set for the cruise.

If LED's are used in directional lights, a load equalizer is usually needed to maintain the proper function of the TSSM/TSM because of the lower draw of the LED's.

Load equalizers run very hot by design as they are "bleeding off" to ground through a resister the additional voltage necessary to obtain the proper load on the TSM/TSSM for it to function correctly. As a result of this, the life span isn't a long one in most cases (2-3 years) but there has been exceptions here.
Hey, your good. I don't even have the tail light yet and I got answers! Now I'll have to think of some other questions. :)
I installed a "Harley" made LED brake light on my Street Bob. Do I need an equalizer for that? I haven't had any problems so far.
Okay folks, I just got the Harley LED tail light and installed it last weekend. I asked at 3 different dealerships if I needed to do anything else to install it, and they all assured me it was plug & play. Sometimes I played dumb, and sometimes I flat out asked if I needed a load equalizer. I got the same answer every time, (I take that as a good thing). Basically they all said that with the Harley light, I didn't need to add the load equalizer.





New light on:


Haven't got to ride it much with the light, but it looks good to me!