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Leatherlyke bags


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Does anyone have any experiece with these bags?

I like the fact that they are lockable and detachable.
Had a set for two years on my last bike and was pleased. They were well made, as was the mounting bracket, and everything fit as intended.

The locking feature was good and nothing seemed to wear out or get misaligned. The only problem I had was with the mounting hole on one bag that tore out. I suspect the hole was misdrilled and so the mounting peg put an undue strain on it, but LeatherLyke replaced the bag under warranty (1 year, I paid postage one way).

They detach and reattach easily, just use the included lube as instructed. They are also reasonably waterproof but I always wrapped the contents in plastic trash bags if there was any chance of rain.

I totalled that bike in June and the bag stood up to the impact and scraping, and in doing so protected my leg. The bag was trashed, but I was OK.

You can't go wrong if you choose to go with them. Their top case looks like a winner also.
I had a set on a S/T standard. They where of good quality and served there purpose. Only used them when traveling.