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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by stefdustin, May 22, 2010.

  1. stefdustin

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    Does anyone use the leather tour pak lid and saddlebag lid covers. If so, what is your experience. I was thinking about buying a set of these and was wondering they would help in saving the paint finish or harm it.
  2. sworrub

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    I have the saddlebag lid cover set due to the previous owner having stuck a sexist logo that my wife wouldn't appreciate on each lid so I negotiated a free set from my dealer to secure the sale. I must say I think they have saved the paint work from boot marks on occasion so if you are clumsy like me it would be a good idea I don't have the lid cover for the tour pak partly as it costs £64 and partly because I am not sure if is as likely to be damaged as the saddlebag lids (Watch me speaking too soon!). The other cover I recommend for long trips to avoid road debris damage is the fairing bra 57800-00 (looks better than it sounds).
  3. Iceman24

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    stefdustin; I went w/lid covers from ride-tek (Ridetek LidHaulers, LidCovers and LidSaks) b/c I didn't like the look of HD's & others. Fit like a glove & very easy to install (mark, velcro & stretch). Can't cound how many times these have saved my bag tops from scratches.

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  4. Slapp

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    I put them on my 09 EG along with the fairing bra. Love the bra not to happy with the lid covers. Down here in Florida (and it is only Spring right now) it gets so hot the glue on the velcro that holds them in place, becomes sticky loosens up and does not hold well. A real mess.
  5. ewiltgen

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    I have the sadllebag covers and like them they save an occasionl boot mark and I can give the grandkids a ride without worrying where there feet are. Don't have trunk cover as I have tour pak rack.