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Leather Care Tips


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Leather, like many other materials and fabrics, can lose its luster, shine, and certain other qualities that are vital to its appearance and function. After going out and spending a few hundred dollars for your riding gear, you want to protect it as well, and for as long as possible.

Like a well-oiled machine, leather products will give you years of use and enjoyment if kept properly conditioned. The sun, for instance, can wreak havoc on leather from overexposure.

Too much heat or sun will cause leather to dry up or worse, crack. What kind of protection does your leather jacket have if it's cracked all over and these cracks start to produce holes and gaps? Sure, it may look a little cooler when you wear it but wearing it while you ride will only make you look foolish. Conversely, too much moisture can cause the jacket or boots to swell and become moldy. Once they dry out, you'll also find certain new spots or blemishes on the leather that won't clear up. Not a great way to treat riding equipment that initially was so expensive.

Like many other materials and fabrics, leather is porous, which when in good working order means that air can pass through while allowing moisture out. But if not treated properly, the moisture can be trapped inside the leather or conversely the sun's rays can seep through the material while not being able to escape or pass through the material's tiny pores. When leather is not maintained correctly, either by not conditioning it or by using improper conditioning oils, the small pores then become clogged and the natural "aeration" process stops. To keep your leather equipment in tip-top shape, you'll need to buy and use a proper leather cleaner and conditioner.

The cleaner's basic job function is to remove all soil, grease, food and excess oils from the leather. Preferably, using a cleaner that is pH-balanced and alkaline-free will yield the best results. As for the conditioner, its main focus is to condition, clean, and protect all smooth (not cracked) leather all in one application. It replenishes the natural oils in leather thus preventing drying and cracking. Using a wax-free and silicon-free conditioner is the best choice and will prevent the pores from clogging up and allowing the leather to breathe. These steps and products should be used on all of your leather riding equipment ensuring longer lasting and better looks every time you ride.