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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by glgarrett, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. glgarrett

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    Lucky me, living in Southwest Louisiana. 65F or so yesterday, nearly perfect for a ride so went to the local rodeo coliseum parking lot to practice starts, stops, u-turns, etc. I have been going often since buying my FXD back in November.

    This time, six local law enforcement officers were there with cones set up to form a practice course so I watched them for a half hour or so. Two of them were super riders (and all were better than me) so what I learned is that I have much more to learn. As someone here said, anyone can ride fast but only real riders can handle their bikes when riding at slower speeds... :)

  2. HDDon

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    You might want to look into a motorcycle safety course in your area MSF puts them on. You also might like the Ride Like A Pro video, It will show you how to ride just like the police, and show you step by step how to be a better rider.
  3. stikman

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    I have been riding for 38 years any time a class seminar or any learning experience come my way I go for it. Parking lot practice several times a year. go to youtube search police competition
  4. lorne

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    i would love to take a police riding course. a friend of my fathers took one years ago when he was one of the shiner riders, i still remember him talking about it. the things he could do with that bagger were amazing

    no matter how old we are we still learn every day!!!!
  5. drbillk

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    It is amazing the number of people you see who can't make a simple U-turn without putting their feet down and pulling forward and backing up over and over and over!
  6. R_W_B

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    MSF (or is it MRA?) offers what they call the Advanced Riders course. You use your own bike. I've heard it's a great course. Would like to take it someday. I know for myself there is no way I could turn my Dyna around the way we turned those little 250cc bikes in the required license course figure 8 turn.

    Now would be the perfect time of year to take a course. Back when I took my required rider course it was in the heat of the summer and we about roasted on the hot asphalt with the required long sleeve shirts and gloves on.
  7. Ishmael

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    I'm encouraged that so many on HDT are taking MSF rider courses and spending part of their precious riding time practicing low speed skills in vacant parking lots. I'm really excited about my course coming up in a week. The safer we are the less we have to hear about fellow riders hurt or killed in accidents. There will always be the element of danger and potential harm from thoughtless 4-wheelers, but doing all you can to protect yourself will go a long way toward keeping the Harley brotherhood intact. Rock on!
  8. Hoople

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    RWB, I got it figured out! It's all relative. When I learned on a 250cc I thought it was huge and could not make a U turn. Now going from the FXDL to a 250cc,, it feels like a mini bike. So all we have to do is ride a fully loaded Bagger for a while and then go back to the Dyna's !!:)
  9. RetiredJake

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    I ride the course behind my dealers frerquently. I can do the figure 8 on my Dyna and my Ultra. You can do it, you just need to practice. It will come if you try.
  10. Hoople

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    So can I... but not with a 18' circle.. You can using a 18' base circle?