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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 06rdking, Jul 18, 2009.

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    On thursday night I gave my rd king a well nedded washing so the wife and I could ride friday night with some friends. not to far out of town the rd king started missing and back fireing bad. as we made our way to a friends house to check it out the rpms climbed to 2000rpm at an idle, right turn signal came on and burned steadily. after talking to my mechanic, a couple of friends that ride and God, I had to walk away and take a break! after about two hours I went back with a little cooler head and found that I had water in the main wireing harness coupler where it snaps together with my power comander! man what a relief. after cleaning it out and drying it real good my precious rd king is back to normal!!! Lesson Learned!!: :D
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    It is never fun when something like that happens. Taking a break and attacking the problem with a calm and collected approach is always better than diving right in. It is a bummer that the electrical connector shorted out on you, but what was the real lesson learned here? Did you learn of a certain area that shouldn't get wet? Maybe a connector that is prone to fill with water and short? Please provide more about the problem area that shorted out. Thanks,

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    When washing your motorcycle, no water stream higher than side covers and do not use a pressure washer as it can be too aggressive causing serious damage.
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    Never use a hose of any sort. A bucket with lukewarm water and some shampoo and a sponge. Rinse with clean water and dry with a leafblower and finish with a chamois.

    Better still.....have mine. It's at the dealer so often that they take care of the cleaning and besides it never spends enough time on the road to get dirty:lero
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    Squeeze some Dielectric in ANY connection.
    I use a garden hose when wetting down/rinsing.
    Even spray the whole unit down with seat and side covers off.
    NO direct hits, just spray passing over. Do NOT concertrate the spary in one area.
    NO problems, as of yet!
    Always fires/runs great after.
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    the water got into the coupler that conects the wiring harness to the computer under the right side cover . when you install a power commander it conects to the computer and then you conect the power commander to the wireing harness. the coupler has a rubber seal but it had came out of its holding clip and fell down in the area below the battery box in front of the back tire. I am guessing that any water that ran down the frame under the side cover fell right on the harness and ran stright down to the plug-in filling the plug-in full of water. No harm thank goodness!