leaky dyna......ugh!

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    ok...so my brother in law has an 04 wide glide....couple months ago started soaking the belt with oil....so after tear down fould the keeper bolts on the front belt sprocket had come loose,tore up the inner primary....so new trans seal,new h-d inner primary w/seals...nice clean up and back together it went.....well it is still leaking.....looks like possible trans leak? output shaft on trans did not seem to have any slop......however i do see some slight lateral movement in the shift rod that comes out of the trans case......any suggestions?
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    Can you tell which side of the front pulley the fluid is coming from or if it is clear or dark? Since you replaced the bearing and seal on the primary side I think you are probably looking at a main shaft transmission seal. Not to second guess you but I find that if I take something apart to repair or replace I do as much as I can while I'm there.
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    I have had previous experience of the mainshaft oil seal leaking you would need to pull the bearing inner race from the mainshaft to get to the seal oil would be on the primary side of the front pulley
    main drive oil seal quad seal and spacer are behind the front pulley and the oil on the front pulley would be on the gearbox side if pulling the front pulley i would replace the mega-nut and the locking plate that holds it
    when refitting the inner primary it is good practise to try and seal the bolts that hold the inner primary to the gearbox as oil can leak through past the bolts i used a wee coating of hylomar on the lock washers and behind the bolt heads