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    Just got a 98 softail flstc first bike. Have a little knowledge but not much. Went to laughlin about 180 miles from here and only put a total of about 230 miles on it. Bought from the harley dealership used. When going down the highway bike back fired and cut out. Would not start back up and the air filter had oil and a fuel mixture leaking from it. Had it towed to the dealership and just picked the bike back up. Now they said that i ran out of gas but i still had about 1 and a 1/2 gal left in it and that i should of put it on reserve, well i did but still did not start. When i went and picked up the bike theysaid the sparl plugs fouled and replaced and supposedly checked everything thoroughly. When i went and picked up the bike i had to drive about 100 miles home and the bike was not driving the same losing power and running rough. Pulled over once to check everything out but not smoking by the time i got home i had the same (EDIT) leak and it seems like the bike ran worse. What do i do in this situation. Do not wantt to bring it back to the dealership because of there lack of knowledge but i just bought the bike from them and do they not look at the bike whether it is preowned and go through it before they sell it to a customer to make sure everything is in good working order. By the way also had a ligth problem, fixed and had to replace the battery as soon as i got it. Please help.......

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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    Re: 1998 softail custom info???

    We don't allow any language on the forum.

    You didn't say where the leak was coming from or what it was leaking. I assume you mean fuel leaking.

    More than likely some debris in the tank got into the needle and seat in the carb. Tank should be cleaned out as well as the carb and needle and seat area.

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    I would hope the dealer would stand behind the bike sale...

    What is the warranty on the USED product he sells. Do you know?

    Usually Used are sold with some type of "Warranty" or "AS IS" ..
    It will be stated on the sales agreement...

    I would ask them the above and Talk directly to the person who sold you the bike First,,,,

    Then to the service Manager and Lastly the OWNER to make sure your ride gets repaired to the runability you expected it to have..

    I would NOT monkey with it YET,,,, Give them the chance to get it right..

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    I agree with Bubbie. Dealer should stand behind sale. Go to dealer on a Saturday when more people are around and talk LOUD for all to hear. "I bought this bike from you and you won't fix it properly. Don't know if I'd buy a bike here with this terrible service".
    How many miles since you bought it? Did it run good when you got it or did something change? How many miles?
    I have the same bike (I think. is it a FLSTS or FLSTC? have springer in profile and classic in thread) Which light was bad? Front fender light wires have a tendency to back out or rub on front wheel. Battery going bad. Dealer had it on a tender. Hopefully you got them to pay for new battery.
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    Hmmm, well when I bought my 98 Fatboy the guy I bought if from had allowed it to sit about 1/2 full of fuel. The tank rusted above the fuel line. So, I had some of the same problems you are having. Sounds like your dealer leaves alot to be desired. My dealer figured it out and recoated the tank and cleaned out the fuel system. I haven't had much of a problem since. BUT, I have replaced the CV carb with a Mikuni, as my old CV needed to be rebuilt (old age) and I elected to replace with a new carb. Take back to the dealer and tell them to make it right or refund your money....