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    I've been the Fabrication business for over 30 yrs this last job has been 25yrs . I manage the Fab shop at Kennedy Space Center. Since our great politicians can't seem to come up with a new space plan it looks like a lot of us will be losing our jobs. The first wave was about 1000 employees. I made it through that and am probably ok until spring of next year after the last Space Shuttle flies. Then we as a nation will lose our leadership role in space to the Russians who we will pay for a seat to get back and forth to the space station.

    I decided with my wife's blessing to take about 6 weeks when this happens and tour the country. I told her I was going to grab the laptop and I could look for a new job while I was on the road ,just as easy as sitting home.

    I have a 96 eltra glide classic that runs real good. Is there any thing I should do to it outside of fluid changes . It has about fourty five k on the smoke or anything
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    You may want to check the cam tensioners and belt for wear before leaving and inspect your tires.

    Sorry to hear about your job. When is this country going to wake up?
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    If you are confident in your bike I would go for it. First thing that I would do though would be to get some sort of road side assistance package. I have CAA (AAA) RV Plus but you won't need the RV package. Enjoy the ride.
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    No cam tensioners, it is an EVO engine
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    Read an article in the national news lately IRT Kennedy Sp Ctr & shuttle prgm - unfortunate to see job losses & hope things work out for you. As a fabricator - are there any other options in the area (i.e. AFB, cmcl airport, auto repair)? Also, I heard they're thinking about "recreational" space trips again - maybe it will pan out???

    IRT the scoot & trip - sounds awesome. I'd kill to have time for a trip like this & definitely press fwd w/planning. You know you r bike best - if the service is up-to-date & everything's tight it should be green for launch. Follow recommendations from other members' posts & hit the road. Good luck!
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    I'd put 4 new lifters in it, and inspect the drive belt carefully. Buy AAA membership and hit the road. That evo probably has a lot left in it.

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    Most of the others have you covered, the key is to have all the maintenance done ahead of time. Pack light with decent storage for only the basics, there are several threads on what to take, tools, water, etc. AND a AAA RV card, fresh plastic, and cell phone w/ pictures...laptop would be cool if easy to use with wireless capability.

    Sorry to hear about your worries of job loss. It amazes me how government and NASA cannot get together and understand that MANNED exploration of a void is FRUITLESS without outposts, provisions and time. When the US was in it's infancy the need for outposts was obvious if the distances are so vast and time so short, think Donner Party here. Takes over 2 years to get to satallite missed entirely, the Rovers made it but were left to fend for themselves. Trip is fraught with peril and no relief or room for error at the end of the trail one way, much less two.

    Shuttle technology is needed to fabricate outposts in space, for fuel, food, medical & hardware to support multiple missions, much less move those stations outward, to say the first planetary body, the moon to make it somehow habitable and learn. Sad thing is it takes money to make a "dream" come true...and only a setback or two to bring the whole thing down. The conscept of MANNED shuttle has its needs, but initial UNMANNED shuttle (cargo vehicle) is a need, if technology is to be the answer for exploration. It is obvious astronauts and all the people who support them are the heroes here.
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    Good luck on the job hunt, have you ever cleaned or replaced the overhead tappet screen, now would be a good time best of luck and check back in:s
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    To heck with the job take the time to do the trip and enjoy. You probably know your bike better than anyone, if you feel comfortable with it keep the maintenance up and have fun. Sounds like a great adventure.