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    Looking to meet some new people. I am a first time harley owner, the only ones i know right now are my father in law and my cousin. Looking to meet some new folks and have some fun. VT is quite when it comes to harleys I was hopeing to find some people in Laconia at bike week
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    You should be able to find some like minded people at Laconia. About 400,000 or so. I'll be going over Monday and headed home on Friday. I've only missed one year since 1993, it gets better each year. I assume you've checked the Bike Week website for ideas where to go and what to do. Have you reserved a room, or are you close enough to ride over? There is so much to do that you need at least three days, especially till you get your bearings. I never try to hit all the hot spots cause I know I'll be back next year. Always a great time, but be sure to pack your rain gear, but living in VT you know that already.