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KW of a 96b engine


Does anyone know the KW of a 96b engine from a 2007 Deuce
all I can find is the torque in ft 90ft pounds @ 2750 rpm, I need this info to complete a UK registration document

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Probably cause it's so low, it's embarassing.:bigsmiley22: although my 2008 with the stage one runs incredibly strong.
I found a dyno chart on a TC96 and the Hp rating is around 68 stock and the conversion chart I have converts that to 50.694 KW You may want to check it yourself
Below is a link to Dj engineering. It's some of the best software I've used for power calculations and such. I use it nearly evry day. If you scroll down to "Physics-Electrical-Motion" and look at the power / rpm / torque formulas, you can see that all the particular values, even to the point of using elapsed time in a 1/4 mile opposed to weight, may be calculated.

Further down in the automotive section, air flow, displacements and every type of conversions are formulated with live calculators.

Actually, from these formulae, you can calculate almost anything.

If you are interested in this kind of thing I highly recommend these guys, have a look.
The formula for torque in ft lbs equals

To get Hp, the formula changes to

The formula to convert HP to KW equals
KW= HP*0.7457

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I have imported the Deuce in to the UK from the US and it has to have a special test called a SVA test to check if it conforms to UK/EU spec and the form to get it UK registered asks for the KW of the engine, and typical UK crap if you don't put what they want on the form they send it back to you !!!
everyone else wants HP or ft pounds of torque but not them !!
the test is Friday so keep your fingers crossed,

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Bucket. :bigsmiley28:
Dan your formulas are correct for converting Torque to HP but you need a graph or chart that will show you torque at any rpm or you will get an incorrect total unless the max torque occured at a high rpm. Peak torque often occurs at a lower rpm giving you a lower rpm multiplyer for example if you know max torque was 83 ft-lbs at 3000 r/pm. Useing the formula this is how it would look
(HP= torque x rpm/5252) t83 x rpm3000/5252 =47.1HP giving you a low HP rating.
If you had a grap or chart that showed torque at different rpms like the ones on the dyno chart below .Ignore the hp and 110 curves and only pay attention to the stock 96torque curve on the graph this is what you come up with

78 lbs @ 2500rpm t78 x 2500rpm/5252=37.1HP
83 lbs @ 3000rpm t83 x 3000rpm/5252=47.1HP
80 lbs @ 3500rpm t80 x 3500rpm/5252=53.3HP
77 lbs @ 4000rpm t77 x 4000rpm/5252=58.6HP
72 lbs @ 4500rpm t72 x 4500rpm/5252=61.6HP
69 lbs @ 5000rpm t69 x 5000rpm/5252=65.7HP
65 lbs @ 5500rpm t65 x 5500rpm/5252=68.1HP

You see that you get 68 peak HP and 83ftlbs of torque.

I just wanted to clairfy so that people would understand why they keep getting low HP numbers when useing the peak torque rating that the MOCO gives you on the spec sheet.
I hope I explained this so it makes sense



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I'm not having the same problem. I just think it rocks that so much needed information is provided to the community so fast. This is why I will be hangin' out here for a long time, and telling all my buddies about it.