Kuryakyn Pod II Electrical Problem

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by jmafisher, Sep 28, 2008.

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    I just installed a Kuryakyn Pod II, which fits on the windshield and has a couple of storage compartments as well as a cigarette lighter/accessory port.
    Installed fine,looks great and the cigarette lighter worked. Then I tried to plug in my GPS and the adapter started smoking and shorted out. I checked everything, wiring, etc and then I got my electrical meter anc checked the voltage. I found out that on their outlet, positive is on the side and negative is at the bottom. I then took out the outlet, and it has the red wire on the side and the black wire on the bottom. I checked the accessory port in my car and it has positive (red) on the bottom and Negative (black) on the sides. I'm waiting to hear back from Kuryakyn but this looks like a design flaw. I've checked a couple of other outlets and they are all the same, so I wondered if anyone else had installed this Pod, and if they had similar problems.