Kuryakyn Panacea Tail/Brake Light

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Kente, May 6, 2014.

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    I installed the Panacea tail light on my 2012 Dyna FLD Switchback. The installation was easy and the light seems to function as advertised but after the install the Electrical System Light on the speedo remains lit. Prior to the installation it would go out after a few seconds.

    Note that the switches on the controller were set to Panacea mode and stock turn signals mode.

    I bought the light from JP Cycles and they advised me to talk to Kuryakyn. When I talked to them they weren't real crisp on what to do. They suggested three steps.

    1. disconnect the Kuryakyn control module under the seat, reconnect the original tail light wiring, then reconnect the control module.
    2. If that didn't work try installing the load equalizer that came with the tail light. The instructions say that the equalizers are only needed when installing LED turn signals in addition to the tail light.
    3. If that didn't work, I should buy another equalizer ($50) and install that.

    I tried step 1 twice and it didn't work. I am reluctant to try steps two or three for several reasons. There isn't much room under the seat, the equalizers get hot, and the hazard flashers can't be used after installing the equalizers. In addition to that, I don't want to pay another $50 for step three.

    I am pretty amazed that Kuryakyn doesn't know how to solve this problem on a stock Harley. Their product should just work or they should be able to tell me why it doesn't and exactly what to do about it, not just send me on a troubleshooting trip.

    I called JP Cycles again and they suggested that I check the trouble codes but I don't know how to toggle the trip switch to get the codes to display and I'm not sure how to decode any trouble codes.

    Anyone have a similar experience and/or advice?
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