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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by RubyDee, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Ive had my custom for a couple of years, and like all of us have made several changes.
    Fitted Kuryakyn LED,s and they look brilliant. I have the smoked lense, and rear indicators to match. Attended a Bikesafe course with the police and they even made great comments about them. They liked the way the rear lights blink 5 times at twice the speed when the brakes are first applied. They thought it was a great safety feature.
    BUT......., they is a slight downside.
    On the odd occasion the indicators, left or right, can blink at twice the normal speed.
    I have Equalizers fitted(two of them).
    This seems to happen when things are hot, doesnt seem to be as often in cooler weather.
    Emailed Kuryakyn, but did not receive a decent answer.
    My Indy, who is brill with all things HD, has come across the problem before, but only with 04 and later sporty,s.
    My Partner has a Softail, exactly the same fitment as my bike, but not the same problem.
    You guys any ideas?
  2. mrs2cool

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    Ler's see some pics. I have a '05 XL883L that I've made a few changes too, but am always lookin for "what's next?":rider
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    The controllers that are added to the systems to make the LED lights work run very hot and as a result sometimes are short lived. The TSM/TSSM require a specific voltage to operate properly and changing/adding the controllers sometimes upset the balance required to operate properly and you get erratic blinking of the lights.

    Try turning on the ignition and press the directional switches, first the left and let it blink 5 times, then do the right the same way. Sometimes this helps to get the TSM/TSSM to recognize the different voltage present in the bike with the controllers.
  4. glider

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    Especially true after unhooking a trailer.
  5. M0sesJJN

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    Don't know much about electricity, but an electrical engineer once told me the three main causes of electronic component failure are:

    1) Exposure to too much heat,
    2) Exposure to too much heat and
    3) Exposure to too much heat.

    The first test he would perform on a malfunctioning whatever was to spray it with compressed air or something to cool it off; often heat damaged components will work properly if kept cold. But once they heat up again, they malfunction.

    For what it's worth...