Kool Bikers still are around

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by rydahog, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. rydahog

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    I was at the local dealer and met a guy who started to chat with me about our bikes,,,his OL happened to have same ride as me. And he mentioned that he had an extra HD service manual..($75)? and saw that i do some basic maintenance on my ride, He went on to tell me that if i did not have this manual that he would give it to me if i wanted to ride to his home and get it,some 25 miles away!...I agreed and offered to pay for it ya know maybe $20 or so as it was used...he declined and said nope its for free...you can buy me a brew! when we meet again.
    So we took the ride and i got the manual...so like the heading says,,,
    KOOL BIKERS STILL ARE AROUND!! i hope someday i can do the same for another rider..:s
    later ryd :D
  2. miketini24

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    thats very cool. "pay it forward"!
  3. gasbag

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    You meet the nicest people on a Harley..........................

    After 20+ years of wanting a bike again I dove in and bought a Harley. The one thing that impressed me most was the friendliness and willing to help of other Harley owners. I can meet up with a Harley rider I have never met and in 5 minutes we are friends. It is just so cool.................
  4. Bud White

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    Very cool ya do meet soem of the nicest people on a Bike almost any bike
  5. Moucheter

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    Yo my friends that is nice to get a manual for nietch, thats a good budy. I went to the Americade in Lake George early June and I found a brand new very expensive i-touch cell phone besides my bike. When we arrive home (in Montreal) my wife look at it and she tells me it is registered with Bell and the home phone number of the guy that lost it was entered in is phone. So I call and left the message that I found is phone ( just in case the guy call is home) 15 minutes after the cell ring in it is the guy so I ask him is address and he was from Quebec city. I told him not to worry that i will send it to his place by C.O.D. postage. It cost me $19.00 to send it. 3 days after I receive a cheque to that amount and the guy send me a nice e-mail inviting us for a ride in is sector (300km from my place) and to stay overnight for couple a beer. A dont drink but I will go for the ride. It felt very good about that:hii
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    I have met many people on bikes that are very friendly. I think that is one thing that draws many people to Harley-Davidson motorcycles is the brotherhood and comradery.
  7. nolafishr

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    Yes there are some Good People left in the World, Just strike up a conversation and you will see, Bikers are the Best!
  8. gunnut

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    well said Hobbit,I feel just the same,when I had my worst and hopefully last crash(knee cap gone)2 bikers stopped one took me to ER in the chariot,the other took care of my bike (what was left of it)never saw the guys before,never since,I've been trying to repay thier concern and kindness ever since,in any way I can.Beside which,the feelgood factor is a real rush.Bikers are the salt of the earth.