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    96 1200c sporty as stated in another post mis-firing issues and also will kickback thru carb sometimes during start-up . this bike has an s&s super e and has been bored .040 . has screaming eagle ignition , accel wires , v&h staight shots running just behind passenger . runns out fine normally . Wher eto start checking?
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    The experts will chime in soon. It sounds like to a maladjusted carb.

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    When you start this bike COLD,,, Do you pull out the choke/enricher and give a couple of twist with the throttle and then LEAVE your hand OFF the throttle???

    I have found on Many carbed bikes that the hand on the throttle is NOT needed... If you twist the throttle while trying to start engine the Kick-Backs come more...(in my personal case when starting)..

    You could have an intake leak or a carb (dirty or jetting wrong) problem and need to spray around manifold to check for a leak while running..

    Has it always started hard and kick-back or just after a change...

    Short pipes with little back-pressure USUALLY can cause problems like this...

    Tuning is tough with improper back-pressure...

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    For what it's worth, you may also want to retrace your set-up steps on the SE ignition. Sounds like you may have a ton of spark advance during cranking. There should be a way to adjust base timing (rotation of hall pick-up, etc). I would double check it. Something also controls spark advance under load (pre-ecm/fi bikes used map sensor). I would check that also. It could be stuck which would over advance timing at cranking.
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    i tried the wd 40 trick on the intakes and noticed no change in rpm's The bike has done it since I;ve owned it . don;t know about the timing thing ... thanks