Khrome Werks 3.5" HP-Plus - I LIKE em!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by burt_03064, Apr 16, 2009.

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    So, after upgrading from my '07 Heritage to a brand-new '08 EGC, I decided that I'd do my own Stage 1 (again - I've done it before). The breather was a simple choice: the Screamin' Eagle. Fuel management was pretty easy too: I had a set of Nightrider XIEDs sitting around after I picked up a SERT for the Heritage, so those went on the bike. Yes, I have a SERT for the '08 EGC, but I need to put a few grand on the odo before I take it in for a dyno run.

    Now for the real problem. I wanted a set of aftermarket mufflers for the Classic that would be less restrictive, but also wouldn't be as loud as some of the other aftermarket stuff (V&H, to be specific).

    After looking around, listening to other bikes, and grabbing sound files, I came across the Khrome Werks 3.5" HP-Plus. They were billed as being fairly unrestrictive, but "not much louder than stock". Unfortunately, NOBODY in the area was running them.

    Ok. I'm a glutton for punishment. I ordered them, sight unseen and sound unheard.

    This is the BEST decision I've made yet. I could feel the difference IMMEDIATELY: good acceleration, plenty of power, and almost no decel popping. Nice low rumble without high-frequency overtones or the "rattle" of the Rush on my Heritage. Unfortunately, there isn't much bark when you punch it, but I wasn't looking for that.

    It's a touring bike. No, I'm not planning to try to listen to the radio at 75mph, but I also don't need to be running with my pipes screaming "LOOK AT ME!!!" everywhere I go. I like a louder sound than stock, but there's "loud" and then there's "obnoxious".

    Anyway, I'm gonna see if I can find a state trooper with a DB meter and have the volume measured. If so, I'll post the results.

    So far, I'm really happy with them. No kidding.
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    I have these- they are SICK. People always ask me why my stock bike is so fast, and these are a BIG part of it. VERY good quality, too. Enjoy!!
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    I have them on my '09 SG and have mixed feelings about them. I love the deep bass tone of them but I wish they were a tad bit louder. I was originally going to get the Rush 2.0 but ended up with the Khrome Werks. I had V&H Ovals on my '06 SG and they were the volume I liked. I would have put them on my '09 if they would fit. I did a YouTube video when I first installed them. If anyone is interested it's at

    YouTube - Khrome Werks

    I do believe they have become a little louder with time though. But sometimes I still think about giving Rush a try.