Key Switch and Steering Lock

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    I have taken off fairing cap and key switch to install and wire driving lights. I cannot get switch and lock back together, it has whipped my butt. What's the secret to this?
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    Kicked my butt when I installed new the service manual or try this....not sure what step you're on but this is directly from the '09 Service Manual that I downloaded from this site.

    7. FLHX, FLHT/C/U:
    a. Install fairing cap. See 2.38 FAIRING CAP: FLHX,
    b. Using oblong holes in fairing brackets and a long
    shank ball end socket (Snap-onĀ® FABL6E), install
    four socket head screws to fasten radio (storage box
    on FLHT) to left and right radio support brackets.
    Alternately tighten screws to 35-45 in-lbs (4.0-5.1
    c. Install outer fairing. See 2.37 UPPER FAIRING AND
    8. FLTR: Install instrument nacelle. See 2.43 INSTRUMENT
    9. Install switch position plate fitting tabs in slots of fairing
    cap (FLHX, FLHT/C/U) or instrument nacelle (FLTR). Plate
    snaps in place when properly installed. Exercise care to
    avoid breaking tabs. Replace plate if tabs are damaged.
    10. See Figure 7-55. Install spacer over threaded post of
    ignition switch housing until it contacts switch position
    plate. Orient spacer so that the widest side is forward and
    the inside tabs fit in slots of post.
    11. Slide collar over threaded post until it contacts spacer.
    Orient collar so that the outside tab is forward and the
    inside tabs fit in slots of post.
    12. Thread nut onto post with the lipped side down and the
    smaller OD topside. Turn the front forks to the right fork
    stop, and using a 7/8 inch Open End Crow Foot on flats,
    tighten nut to 125-150 in-lbs (14.1-16.9 Nm).
    13. Install spring into bore at underside of knob.
    14. With the knob pointing toward the FORK LOCK position,
    insert shaft into threaded post. Holding the knob down,
    turn key clockwise to UNLOCK. An audible "click" should
    be heard when knob and switch are properly engaged.
    Release knob and then rotate through all four switch positions
    to verify proper operation. If knob will not install
    properly, proceed as follows:
    a. See Figure 7-50.Verify that button at bottom of knob
    is pressed and key is turned 60 degrees beyond the
    UNLOCK position.
    b. Repeat this step.
    c. If knob does not install properly, move to previous
    15. Knob was removed in ACCESS or switch may have been
    moved out of the FORK LOCK position. Proceed as follows:
    a. See Figure 7-52. Insert alignment tool until bottom of
    handle contacts top of threaded post, and holding
    front forks at the left fork stop, rotate handle of tool in
    a counter-clockwise direction until fork locks.
    b. Remove tool and repeat previous step.
    c. If knob does not install properly, move to next step.
    16. Detent and switch position lugs are misaligned. This can
    occur when the alignment tool (or ignition switch knob) is
    7-48 2009 Touring Service: Electrical
    rotated before it is properly bottomed in the ignition switch
    housing. Proceed as follows:
    a. Reinstall knob inserting shaft into threaded post and
    gently rotate knob until it drops into the partially
    installed position. Take note of the position of the
    knob, that is, whether it is pointing toward the rear,
    or to ACCESS, IGNITION or OFF.
    b. See Figure 7-56. Remove knob and insert alignment
    tool so that the bottom of the handle is approximately
    0.500-0.0750 in. (12.7-19.1 mm) from the top of the
    threaded post, and then hold.
    c. Rotate alignment tool in a counter-clockwise direction
    the number of positions needed to get to FORK
    LOCK. For example, if the knob dropped into the
    partially installed position at IGNITION in step 16(a),
    rotate the alignment tool two positions in a counterclockwise
    direction. Or if the knob was pointing toward
    the rear when it dropped, rotate the alignment tool
    four positions in a counterclockwise direction or one
    position in a clockwise direction. Repeat step 14.
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    B1-B Guy I don't know how to thank you enough. What a ordeal thanks again.