Kehin butterfly on 883?

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  1. Will a kehin butterfly carb from an ironhead work on a 883 sportster? Seems like they're pretty inexpensive. Looks like the prices of used CV carbs are going up.
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    You will have to change intake manifold or find an adapter. What is wrong with your C V carb?
  3. I don't have one. I have an S&S that gave me problems last summer. Next question would be will one work with my manifold and air cleaner.
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    If you mean a CV carb, if you have a stock intake then yes it will work
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    The kehin has the same intake mount as the S&S.It should bolt right up. The air cleaner is different .S&S air cleaner is unique to their carb. I have seen the backing plates from aftermarket that bolt to CV and allows the S&S outer cover(tear drop) to be used. But curiosity has me going. The S&S is a far better carb. than the old Kehin.What problems did you have last summer?Do you have the S&S Super B or E The are a very simple carb. to clean,adj.,alter etc.
  6. The S&S I have now is a Super E. Something is up with it, it seemed like I had to keep tuning it. I used the instructions from their site.
    It was fouling plugs, they were black sooty. To the point where it would not start. I also had some trouble with it popping through the carb, i found the throttle shaft to be worn. I could feel the play. I replaced that shaft and it is nice and tight now. That popping stopped. Still fouling plugs. I went a size down, and it seemed way too lean. I went back to the original .028 jet. put in a new set of plugs, turned OFF the accellerator pump rode it a few times before it got too cold, and havent fouled a plug yet. It runs ok if I roll the throttle, but not if I "crack" it. Also, the idle fluctuates, sometimes when I stop it idles higher than other times.
    Parts that have been replaced include:
    Intake gaskets, needle and seat, throttle shaft and butterfly, accelerator pump diaphragm, fuel filter, petcock (it was not shutting off, unrelated issue).
    I am starting to suspect an ignition problem. Even with a brand new properly gapped spark plug the spark doesn't look (to me) as strong as it should be. My next plan is to get a new coil, completely disassemble and clean the carb thoroughly, go back the the base settings and see what happens.
    I asked about that particular carb because they seem to be out there for short money. I'd hate to spend $150-$200 on a CV setup and not need it.
    I am not looking for high performance at this point. I just want something reliable.
  7. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest Check this for coil test
  8. Thanks! I will try that.
  9. Another question, does the ignition module control control the strength of the spark?
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    The strength of the spark would be in direct relation to coil, plug wires, battery strength and charging system. The ignition module tho if breaking down would cause erratic running and poor starting when hot JMO