Keeping it clean ???? TECH tip

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by ScreamnEagle22, May 19, 2009.

  1. ScreamnEagle22

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    Whats up guys ? Just wondering what different tips or suggestions you guys might have when it comes to working on our bikes without damaging the paint or scratching the actual parts being installed or replaced.
  2. Mattman4403

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    Look down, left and right from where you will be working. if you see anything with paint on it, cover it with a fender cover or a couple of heavy towels. Tape them in place to keep things from moving.

    Don't put tools on the seat or balance parts on the gas tank

    Look where the wrench is going to go when you discover you are not fully engaged on that bolt (nut). Is it painted or coated (see first note)

    Make sure you have all the necessary fastners before you start taking things apart. Chase all threads before you start

    Torque values are provided for a reason.

    When you spill it, clean it up before you fall in it.
  3. Butch

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    I use those little throw rugs for in front of a kitchen sink (about 3' x 2'), the material is a little heavier. Plus they make a great barrier between me and the cold concrete floor when I have to lay down.