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    RVALENZ New Member

    does anyone know the max tread mileage for the K591 & D401 tires on a 06' Dyna Streetbobb? I am at 11K miles and and want to know if it's time for replacemants.

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    RValenz - welcome to the HDTimeline Forum and your first post...while others will weigh in shortly, I would say your tread mileage is based primarily on how you ride and use your bike. The K591 is supposed to be a softer compound...read softer means better traction and higher performance at the expense of a few thousand less miles. The D401's are a touring/cruiser bike to be a harder compound...read harder means less traction and slightly less performance but consequently better mileage, closer to the original mileage your Streetbob enjoyed when newly minted in 2005-2006 (probably why you got over 10,000 miles).

    The real question, did they perform as you liked...many HD riders are happy with the stock Dunlops...they are a fine balance between performance and mileage. Use the Search tab and key in tire poll and see what your fellow riders are choosing. Enjoy the new tires...what ever you decide (if your front is near to changing), go ahead and use matching front tire - branding, part number and application.
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  3. Hoople

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    You have a rear K591 with 11K miles on it and still have tread down the center of the tire? I went through a rear K591 in under 6K miles. I would say your getting Great mileage out of yours.
  4. glider

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    The K591 if I'm not mistaken has a deeper thread to start with. Had then on an FXR and they were awesome tires.
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    I'm with Hoople, you are probably nearing the end of your tread life. Have you done the infamous penny test (put it in the tread and see if Lincoln's head is fully showing)?

    I purchased the wide tire kit around 5K on mine, probably could have gotten another 2 or 3K out of it, so my guess is you are near the end. No way to really tell you specifically if you are ready for a new tire without seeing it, you have to make the call.

    Generally, my thinking is if I am thinking about it, it is probably due for a new tire.

    RVALENZ New Member

    The tread is down to just about nothing and probably lasted due to alot of hwy miles. 50 miles round trip to work...mostly hwy. I did order a new just curious on the trad life. Thanks...

    I know it's time for a replacement...a couple of cracks down the center says it all.
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    Had the K591 on my 06 Lowrider, after going 3 in the first year I tried the Michelin replacement and now run the Metzeler Marathon 880. My main issue is the roads I ride on every day to work (150 miles round trip), although they are pavement they have been "chip sealed" (tar with fine rocks spread on top) to make them more durable in the ND weather. Rocks make for a rather rough surface so I go through tires in a hurry. My son in Wisconsin has a FXDI, still runs the K591 and gets about 10k on a tire.
    If you change rear ties to a different brand I would suggest you put a match on the front.

    RVALENZ New Member

    I was looking at the Metzeler's as well. I do like the Dunlop brand tho and especially since they gave me 11K...can't complain. Also the price is very resonable. And yes I did order the matched front as well. Thanks.
  9. Jack Klarich

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    11K is good miles from a dunlopIMO
  10. RetiredJake

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    I wish I could get 11K from my rear tire. I typically get 6K to 7K on my back tire on my Street Bob, and can get as much as 12k TO 13k on the front. I love the K591 handling and traction, but sure wish it would last a little longer.