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    Does anyone know what the micron filtration is on the K & N oil filters are? I have checked their website, but do no find the micron size unless I totally missed it on there.
    My indie that I get my oil from (Amsoil) recommeds me using the K & N one. My first Harley, so I have not had to worry about micron size ( probably should have been...hahaha) but anyway, is the K & N ok to use?
    Oh by the way I ride on 06 Ultra Classic.
    Thanks in advance
    Slim Jim
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    Yes, the K&N is fine. Not sure of the micron rating tho. Easier to get on and off too. Amsoil also makes a good filter imho.
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    You will get a lot of opinion on that question, but not a lot of facts. The oil filter recommended for use on the TCs should meet a group of specification Harley has developed, not merely just the micron rating. But the micron rating is important too, and therefore I strongly suggest using the HD filters for the TC.

    There is some discussion in another thread about the fact that the WIX equivalent now meets or exceeds the HD ratings for use on the TCs. While this may be true, looking at the pricing of the WIX filter, there is no financial advantage. Why bother. You know the HD filter meet their spec.

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