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K&N Filter Upgrade


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The K&N air filter for the Screamin’ Eagle assembly is available to upgrade the stage 1 already in use after K&N is not the supplier for the MOCO any longer.
It's part# HD-0800. This air filter replaces the Screamin’ Eagle air filter part number 29442-99B (Blue one). The HD 0800 will replace the following filters 29442-99A - B & C

The K&N filter can be identified with the number A063A4 stamped into the band of the filter.

The K&N can be found at Auto zone and other automotive stores but probably has to be ordered for you at a cost of about $43.
They have to enter the part number HD 0800 to access it.

K&N Customer Service 800-858-3333 or 951-826-4000. K&N does NOT make the blue banded filter.

The Stage 1 from the dealer came with the K&N a while back but now comes with a paper filter instead of the K&N which usually is not oilable but is cleanable.

The K&N needs a cleaner to service it K&N PN 99883-88T
and an oiling with K&N PN 99332-88T. Most automotive suppliers carry the service kits for the K&N filters

Cleaning Instructions K&N Air Filter Cleaning Instructions
DO NOT use compressed air or heat to dry the filter or you will damage the filter media.

The Arlen Ness stage 1 kit seen below uses a filter made by Airaid with a similar makeup as the K&N meaning it has the 4 layers of gauze material much like the K&N does and is cleanable and can be oiled.

Frequently asked questions about K&N filters...

K&N Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When switching from the blue filter to the K&N filter, there is no further downloads or adjustments needed as some have been told by dealers.

Pre Filter Wraps...

For a pre filter wrap , try these people for a sock . 1-800-967-3450. Called Outer Wear.

Here's a link to the foam prefilters...

And another NON foam one...

Blue banded one that was found in the HD Stage 1 kits for a period of time. This filter is NOT cleanable or oilable and has been known to come apart and be injested into the engine.

Also a reply from Zippers performance

Our upgrade to the Screamin Eagle filter is # 162-295 and is $74.95.
This filter is taller than a stock and does require the use of a round EVO
style cover.
Mr. Data:

I just purchased a K&N replacement filter for my '08 FLHT, which had the Screamin' Eagle round filter. The new filter # HD 0800, is the right size, but the backing plate holes to not match up. So, I'm wondering what is wrong with this picture?

Any comments greatly appreciated...

Scott in IL
the Bore size on the 08 is different from years before and uses a different mounting .. i just replaced the stock filter with a K&N and it was a special order because of that vs previous years the dealer had instock