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    As a PGR rider I've see many things. I've had my hand shook by Generals. Had Mothers, Dads,Wifes,Husbands, Sisters ,Brothers, Grandparents, Aunts,Uncles,and Friends of Fallen Heroes thank us. Yet they had given the utmost sacrifice. I've learned those left behind are sharing a deep sorrow. To watch the journey home of the fallen hero and the respect thats given was so touching. I watch a Movie that I had never even heard of till a week ago .Called "Taking Chance" we don't have HBO so probably why I've not seen this. Its Stars Kevin Bacon and its a true account of the journey home. Done w/o a political agenda. I recommend it to everyone. Watch it with the entire family. I as a U S Marine(63-67 D 1/9) am proud of all service Men,and Women. Mostly proud of one of the toughest jobs. The escort home. Hope everyone has a chance to view this.
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    I saw it and it was very moving. Good watch.
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    Taking Chance was a well done movie, with a strong message.
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    I was amazed by the movie. Had no idea all that was involved. Thank you to those that have escorted our fallen home.