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    I have a 1996 FLSTC with an 80 in EVO. I had it rebuilt by Harley a couple of years ago. It came back to me a stock 55 hp motor. What can I do to up the hp.
    Can I just upgrade the upper end or do I need to go through the complete motor? Please let me know you thoughts and ideas.
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    I had a 97 FLSTC and I ran an Andrews EV27 cam, Wiseco .010 over pistons, SE heads, SE ignition, SE coil and a S&S Super E carb with a SuperTrapp 2 into 1 exhaust. HUGE improvement over stock, little bike pulled real hard. Lots of choices out there, pretty much depends how deep your pockets are. Here is where I got my info when building my EVO:

    Build a 64 HP Stage 1 engine

    You'll get a lot of great advice on this forum as well. Good luck, let us know what you do and how it works out.
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    You have a good motor to build off of, Harley does a good job with the reman engines. How you build depends on what kinda riding you do and how deep your pockets are. The S/E heads with a good cam is a good way to go, if you have over 5,000 miles on the rebuild I would replace lifters with the new cam. Higher performance will require a cam upgrade though. What ex. & A/C are you running now? A good ex. and A/C are the start to performace upgrades.
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