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Just parked the sporty

Man was it a nice day, fired up the sporty around 3 pm and went out for my third ride of the year. put about 50 miles on it and had a blast, we had a wedding reception to go to today so i tooled the bike to it. was my first mistake, as we was there longer than i wanted to be cuz of me on the bike. then i remembered my second blunder . id left my night riding shades at home. was about 20 miles from home at 7 pm and the temp at the bank said 30 . yeah it was a COLDDDDDDDDDDD ride home but as i sit here trying to thaw out thinking about the hole day , i wouldnt change it . Thank you lord for blessing us with the day we had today. just wondering if anyone else got out today and braved the chilly ride
Hello TJF:D

I know exacltly what you been thru:lero

Looks like you could use some bags:s

When I had my 03 V-Rod I went to many long rides, just to find out the weather changed on me with no warning, the only gear I had was the one I was wearing!

I couldn't find bags for the bike that didn't take away from its looks, so I got me a Bagger, plenty room, to include the kitchen sink, its worse than my wife's purse:p,
Feb 20 here, plus 7 c, got out yesterday and today. Still snow on the ground but was able to log 200 km.


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I got out today to go and see the Rocker C that just came in at the Harley dealer. It was about 34 degrees. Cooooold but worth the ride. I get out most everyday it isn't raining and above freezing.
By the way, not too crazy about the Rocker. The seat is a hard ride.