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just makes you scream


Went out for a ride on my 2005 fxst with 14,000 miles on it this sunday morning and had to return after 1 mile of riding back home when to my surprise i heard a loud grinding noise which was in revolution with the wheel. thought maybe it was noise from the primary chain but i pulled off the cover and found nothing it was a little loose so i adjusted it and changed the fluid. went for a ride and it was harder to hear but the bike was colder now. to my surpirse i was a quart low on oil though i just changed it 2 months ago so i added 1 quart of oil. then while i was checking the bike out on my jack it was not set on the damn lock like i had thought and the bike fell 1/2 way over and hit the handle of the jack when the jack pump gave out. cant wait to find out how much this grind is gonna cost me to fix. problem is with drag pipes on its hard to even hear myself think let alone determine where the noise is coming from. anybody have any ideas where i should start. sounds to me like its coming from the front half of the primary but i'm not certain. have to get my mechaninc stethoscope from work to continue checking.
wish me luck
Good Luck. Hope you find what your looking for and not too expensive a repair, or too ugly of a job.

How about the compensator nut rubbing on the inside of the primary cover, it's something that will drive you crazy.
Yeah what he said.And if the front pulley is coming loose it'll make a racket while it eats the belt and some surrounding hardware.
You stated (in revolution with the wheel)have you looked at the front brakes?Something hanging up,just my two cents good luck.
Yeah, in revolution with the wheel sounds like brake or wheel bearing hopefully. Try a downhill with the engine off. Let us know when you get it sorted out.
no definetly not in the brakes definetly a drivetrain problem had the bike up on the jack and it was running with it in gear(i know flirtin with disater after it already fell over,i fixed stupid though and put it on the locks) and you could hear the noise then. but it amplify's from the front of the priamry all the the way to the rear where the belt exits the opening of the cover. see my dilema. especially like i siad i took the primary off and saw nothing loose or any metal shavings to say that something was coming apart.
Just a thought. How about the altenator cover behind the the front drive gear.Or the altenator itself. You could run it with the primary cover off briefly to check where the noise is comeing from but be very careful when doing this.