Just installed a tuner-----WOW

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by gasbag, Nov 5, 2009.

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    When I bought my bike last December, used, it had SE II's and a stage one installed. It ran ok but stumbled at certain rpm's a bit and backfired between shifts on occasion. I thought it had good power. I was wrong.

    I had my dealer, which I think is probably the best on the planet, install a power commander and dyno tune it. They dropped it off at my house this morning. It was raining a bit and windy but being an idiot I couldn't resist.

    Holy smokes.................I could not believe the difference. No more backfire, no more hiccups, it runs smooth in all ranges and man does it have more power. It sounds a bit different, can't quite put my finger on it, maybe a bit louder or deeper but no more pops and stutters..........YAY!!!!!!!!!!

    The dyno readout sheet showed a bit over 9% increase for both hp and torque. I have no idea if that is good or not but the manager of the service dept. said they were good numbers and I am absolutely thrilled with the way it runs now.

    I know, this isn't earthshaking news but I had to tell someone. My wife just shakes her head and goes back to reading her book.

    Everyone have a good day and ride safe.
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    sounds great to me ..................................
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    Got a PCV for my Heritage a few weeks ago from FuelMoto so it had a map based on what I told them. It did wonders but there are a couple of spots it still hiccups and it still pops sometimes between gears. A trip to a local tuner who is supposed to be pretty good is on my list for before next spring to see if they can tweak it out. The more I read about dyno tuning the more I think it's pretty much mandatory. Yeah, I could hook up my laptop and spend countless hours messing with different map parameters. Or I can take it to someone that knows what there doing and in a couple of hours I'm good.
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    Thats why the TFI is the cats ? meow, you can adjust the TFI with a screwdriver to whatever you want to try for parts without paying the dealer.
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    Congratulations, I also just installed a TFI & Rush mufflers w/2" baffles, & I am very satisfied...
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    ... probably the same book my wife is reading..

    But hey, congrats on getting positive results.
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    The PCV rocks! Autotune is just icing on the cake. Bike runs better than ever. I haven't had my scoot dyno'd but I will after I do heads/cams.