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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by ashenfang, Aug 2, 2008.

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    Hey guys. New to the groups, and to the world of HD. I just purchased a brand new 08 XL883 Black/Chrome. Absolutely love the bike. Being new, I have a couple questions.

    I read through the manual, and I know I am going to take the bike to the dealer for its first service, but will probably do my own after that. I was fairly impressed with the stock exhaust, has a nice rumble to it, though I would like a bit more "harley" sound :) . What are the best slip ons to put in place of the stock mufflers? Do slip ons require remapping of the injectors? Void warranty? or hurt the bike overall?

    Second, I have about 60 miles on it so far, and the dealer/book said engine break in is for the first 500 miles and basically said not to over rev the engine or let it bog. I'm assuming he means like 20mph in 5th gear).Is there anything else I need to know?

    I'm sure I will have more to ask later, but that's it for now, need to go ride!
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    Greetings! You've definitely come to the right place for lots of experienced advice for your questions.

    As for the question over pipes: If you will look back on the various threads on the Sportster forum, you will see excellent recommendations as to various pipes that work well and provide a performance increase. I do not believe that realignment of your FI will be necessary with a simple pipe replacement. However, if you also replace the air cleaner with a performance unit, then you might need to. Otherwise you will be running too lean. The combination of exhaust/aircleaner and a fuel system adjustment is considered a "Stage 1" upgrade.

    My Sportster has the "Stage 1" and because it was achieved with the Harley Screaming Eagle (SE) air cleaner and HD SE II pipes, (and the installation/rejet performed by my HD dealer) my warranty stayed intact. And, I gained several horsepower in the process. Horsepower is fun!

    As far as breaking in your new engine, there are several schools of thought. In a recent thread there are links to informative articles on the subject that might be worth reading. For sure, do not lug your engine!!!!!!!!

    Stay tuned-other's will soon reply with real experience answers to your questions!
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    Cycle shack has a great sounding muffler and it really should be accompanied with some added fuel because the bike runs lean from the factory. A TFI is easy to install and will give you a better performing bike also .

    Motorcycle Fuel Injection Kits and Electronic Fuel Injection Systems - EFI

    As far as warranty, this varies from dealer to dealer. Installing aftermarket parts ONLY voids the warranty if it damages something and just THAT part is not covered then, not the entire warranty.
    Dealers And The Magnusson-Moss Act - Harley Davidson Community

    As far as break in, if you run 20 MPH in 5 th gear like you mention, you'll damage the lower end of the motor. It's best to keep the RPM's up a bit than to lug the engine.
    Here's some guidelines on how to break in a new motor.

    Proper Engine Break In For New Motors - Harley Davidson Community

    Welcome to the forum.
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    WElcome and congrats on the Bike
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    wow thanks guys for the very warming welcome. I have looked over some of the info posted. The bike has about 100 miles on it (had 2 miles on it when I bought it) I have been just following the "book" break in by not bogging it and over reving the engine, especially when not under load. However, today, I went out and did the 10 cycle 3rd gear 30-60mph up/and engine break down method as posted. The bike responded well so I am hoping the break in is good.