Just got back from the USA. My Road Trip photos.

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    Flew into Chicago on 22nd July and went to St Louis on 23rd by Amtrak.

    Rode to North Carolina (Maggie Valley) via Kentucky and Tennessee staying overnight in Elizabethtown KY and then riding around for a week and then returned to STL the following week.

    Amtrak St Louis back to Chicago August 5th >>> 5 1/2 hours late arriving at station! Missed my flight home to the UK.:D

    Stayed with a mate who was on the same trip as I had just done until Friday evening, then got a flight home and only had to pay $50.00 extra!

    So every cloud has a silver lining and with the extra 3 days we got the new H-D Museum in at Milwaukee plus a bit of time at Chicago H-D.

    Hope you enjoy the photos and especially the Wheels Through Time Museum that I think is even better than the new H-D one.

    ......enjoy and comment PLEASE...

    Here are some links :D

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    is needed for these two links and it's only 1.5MB to download ....... H-D Museum Milwaukee

    and.........Wheels Through Time Maggie Valley H-D Museum

    Static Photos:

    Chicago Meet and Greet
    ( 49 images )

    STL and ride to Maggie Valley ( 16 images )

    Maggie Valley ( 227 images )

    Wheels Through Time Museum ( 80 images )

    Maggie Valley Return STL and Around ( 117 images )

    STL to Chicago and around the windy city ( 60 images )

    H-D Museum Milwaukee
    ( 118 images )
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    Thanks BaZa, some great old machines there, thanks for sharing. Glad to see you back again.:D
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    Cheers Glider have now just got back to the routine after the jet lag. Boy I had a great time.
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    baza do you go touring a lot? wouldnt mind some tips as i fancy going somewhere in europe :s fantastic photos thanks for sharing them