just cams vs total 103

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by japhater997, Oct 11, 2010.

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    have a 07 electra glide with se tuner high flow a/c and rush slip ons would like a little more lower to mid when two up dealer quoted me 1700 for the 103 but i have been reading and some seem happy with just different cams should i spend the money for the 103 or just go with diferent cams hate to ask the dealer cause he is gonna want the big money any help with this is greatly appreciated
  2. japhater997

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    i have plenty of top end just looking for a little more mid range just wasnt sure if cams would give me any noticable difference wondered if anyone had done just cams and not cylinders and heads just looking for that little edge in the group i ride with im some of you understand what i mean

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I did the Full stage one using V&H slip-ons (both big opening) and Scrm'n eagle
    air.. TFI ....Now that impressed me.(.)

    I just put in the SE255 cams and that REALLY impressed me......

    I like the low end torque and it does do what I wanted and is Plenty left for Mid-top Range.(.)


    later when worn out a little, I'll do the 103 upgrade
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    96ci stock motor mods made, arlen Ness Big Sucker Air, Andrews 26 h cams, Powercommander V fuel modulator, and Freedom Performance Ehaust system. Totaly stoked at outcome. Installed on 2- 09 Ultra Classics.
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    You need to talk to a builder.

    Somebody like Scott with Hillside cycles.
    Figure out what you want out of yer bike.

    And everything you do will be toward that build. you can do it in stages so all the parts work together.

    A cam will give you more bang for the buck than doing a 103

    A really good tuner will be 2nd in like. If you have a fuel injected bike in a 07 or newer. I really like the Thundermax with A/T