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    I found out about this stuff from a replied post on this forum (HDT). So being I'm running tube tires I checked it out. Read up on it, then called and talked at length with a very straight forward salesman on it. He told me that all of the attributes shown in the videos and ads are for TUBELESS tires only. BUT it still works in tube tires also, just not quite as well.

    Specifically he told me that with ride on sealant in both a tubeless and tube tire, the tube tire will not be able to withstand as large a puncture as the tubeless and still keep running. BUT it will be able to take most small size nails even in a tube tire. Additionally if the projectile travels up into the tire cavity and strikes the rim side of the tube it will tear it since the ride on sealant only covers the treaded area.

    He was very honest about it and it sold me. I just bought 3 bottles of it. He said one bottle in each tire would cover a flat but to also get the balancing advantage of it, my size tires needed an additonal amount of the 3rd bottle. If you care to watch it this is a very impressive video (of tubeless)

    YouTube - Tire Sealant - Ride-On Tire Protection System (TPS)

    Just bought me three bottles on Ebay at

    Ride On - Dynamic Tire Balancer & Sealant | eBay

    for $23 includes shipping.

    I checked yesterday and it's $31 for only two bottles local in town.
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    As good as some of these products seem to be, the problem is when you need to replace the tire. Many tire places will not touch a tire with the sealant in the tire because of the mess it makes to their machine and the hazard to the worker.

    Don't mean to rain on your discovery but these are what you have to keep in mind with things like this.
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    I can agree with what The Boss said here, This stuff can be explosive and can cause the tire and or tube to degrade. I have not seen a good product yet and we change a lot of tires every day at work, if you have good results keep us advised:s
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    My 2 cents are in 25 years of riding have had 3 flats. One on a old Kawasaki 400 that I repaired myself. The other 2 on the same sport bike with Z speed rated tires, both on rear from nails. Along with that I have never had a vibration problem due to balancing. I agree with Glider and Jack that the slime can be very problematic when trying to change tire.......So I hope you have not installed yet????:D
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    I must admit that i am not keen on any type of internal tyre sealant although it has been a long time since i last had a puncture in a motorcycle tyre and then i just called the automobile association and they came took the wheel away and got it fixed at my cost
    i was back on my way in about an hour

  6. R_W_B

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    The tire shop always has the right to refuse but as far as changing the tire myself I went over this in detail with the guy on the phone since that was one of my concerns. Here is what he told me.

    The sealant is the fluid texture of antifreeze. (liquid)
    The sealant is non flammable.
    The sealant easy rinsed off with water.
    It is not like Slime.

    On cold mornings he said you would have to run about 1/2 mile for sealant to distribute itself around the tire again since it settles at the bottom when stopped for extended periods. After a 1/2 mile the balancing effect would again smooth the tire out.

    I understand you points, but I want it. I've checked with one Indy already and they said they don't have a problem changing a tire with it. I have not called H.D. but I have seen the viscosity of it at a local reseller and it is not a goop or slime. I actually will feel a little safer with it at present. Will see how it all works out.
  7. glider

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    Good deal RWB. I was just pointing out what I know about these products, not trying to persuade you by any means.

    I just don't like anything that can move around in the tire myself.
  8. ckhismine

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    I have used Rideon for some time now and I can say that once it is the tire for a while it stays put and is no longer runny. Its the Uniroyal royal seal tire its almost gel like and it works. It coats the inside of the tire and then stays put.