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Just a Quick "I'll be Back"

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Really wish I had more time to write this or better yet that I didn't have to write it at all.
Uncle has reactivated me and I'm heading to nasty sand box where no one plays nice.
I'll be back in August if I make it back :17:
Really gonna miss chatting with everyone here but most of all my toys will have to keep each other company for a bit.
Everyone Ride safe and be in good health.
I'll write any time I get to be on line but the place I'm going isn't known for it's Internet service.
You take care now and get back here pronto in one piece too. We'll be thinking of you and a few prayers for your safety will be the order of the day.

Give us a holler anytime you can.

Until then , be missing ya bud!
Hey ! Dude....Keep your freakin head down will ya....Man, our prayers are with ya, and all our men and women there..from a old Jar head...( USMC country 65-66 w/ 1st Bat 9th Marines "Delta company") I ride with the PGR...but don't want to do a ride for you ...unless of course its a Home Coming...Good Luck..TC and God Bless.....Dan..And Hey ! Tell the folks over there we pray for 'em everyday...
PC we will all be waiting to here from you when you return safely in August. I think I can speak for all when I say thank you for your service. And if you do get a chance to check in before then, please do. :42::cheers
As with past brothers and sisters our prayers are with you and may your tour be safe.Can't say enough thank you for defending our country.
Good luck and God bless you. Thank you for fighting for our freedom. Tell everyone you meet how much we appreciate their efforts. Keep your head down and watch your buddy's back. Come home safe. We will all be waiting.

First of all THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE and second DAMMIT MAN YOU BETTER GETYOUR A**BACK HERE!!!! Like the rest of the family on here said -- thoughts and prayers to you while your protecting our a** here!!!!!!

Besides you still owe us a update on the NOS you were doing!!!! ha! :D Stay Safe!!!!
God bless and good luck! Be safe and know that you'll be in our prayers!

Thanks for your service and give our best to your buddies over there!
Be safe, and a big thanks for keeping the rest of us safe. Our thoughts will be with you. August is a good time to get back into riding.
Take care of yourself.
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