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    why cant we use regular engine oil in our engines compared to the high dollar stuff? we run regular oil such as castrol 10-40,5-30,20-50 in the car so why not in the bikes? what makes them so different? the heat? they both have combustion,heat, pistons, valves cranks and cams etc.

    Why pay the high price for special oils for a bike when you can run "regular oils in a car engine and get 300,000 miles out of them?

    even if ou had to change the oil more often due do excessive heat for the price of regular castrol 20-50 a person could change the oil 3-4 times compared to once for the same price of special motorcycle oil.

    Go easy i just came from the metric side so im still getting used to having 3 different oils for 3 different places. on metric everyting shares one oil. I ran rotella t6 in it and it had over 106,00 miles on it.

    Anyone run rotella t6 in their bikes? if not, why? it is a full synthetic oil. i read several post but people only mention the rotella never really say yes or no about using it.

    Since its just the engine why should it be the non energy conserving type? if it shared with the clutch or other things like a metric i could understand but the engine stands alone like a car.
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    Although the internal parts of the engine are similar to a car's the majority of Harley's do not have the water jacket radiator and fan these components maintain the engine at an optimum operating temperature and car oil can be formulated to work within the temperature range of the engine
    Air cooled engines have a much wider temperature range and so have different requirements for the oil

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    If you've got a wet clutch sharing the oil with the motor then you need Jaso MA oil. If the engine is without an internal clutch (outside the crankcase) then any motor oil that's used in extreme duty applications can be used. Corvair's, VW's and light aircraft etc put the same burden on their engine oils. Countless documentation from people that have used motor oil on their bikes for countless thousands of miles. I personally used synthetic light aircraft oil from Shell years before HD authorized using synthetic oil on their bikes with no harm to the motors. Currently I am using Valvoline VR1 50w in winter and 60w in Arizona summers. This oil is used in extreme race applications with the max amounts of zinc and phos percentages.
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    Go with the Mobil 1 oil where needed and you good to go. Mobil 1, (not like Amsoil) can be found at any auto supply store. Best all around.........
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    thank you all for the input. like i said, i am new to HD and was jsut wondering.

    So technically speaking i can run Mobil 1 or Amsoil or any good oil in all three holes and no worries?
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    I drive to the parts store to get my M1 for $8/Qt.
    How much is a Qt. of Amsoil delivered if you are not the salesman? :D
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    And...as we all are $pendy bike owners/riders...why buy $20K bike & service it w/$3qt oil...???

    1. Motor oil is for engine (M1 20w/50 V-twin Synth)
    2. Primary fluid is for clutch (Spectro Primary)
    3. GO is for tranny (Spectro 6-speed Platinum)

    Just a suggestion & welcome!
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    Tank, by virtue of the rating on the bottle of Amsoil 20W50 synthetic motorcycle you are using a gear oil in your tranny as the bottle says it meets a GL1 rating.

    SAE 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (MCV)
    High Performance Lubricant for Engines, Transmissions and Primary Chaincases

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    Tank, it is not just "this 20w50 motor oil" that meets the GL-1 rating, Amsoil just prefers to put it on their label.

    ANY modern day 4 cycle motor oil would meet a GL-1 rating as evidenced by any modern 4 cycle engine oil (with a Jaso rating) can be used in a Japanese motorcycle that has a common sump for the transmission, clutch, and engine.

    As far as using a GL-5 rated product in a aplication where it is not needed, other than the additional cost for the better product, what is the liability?

    I am sure the Motor Company would tell you that you can't run a GL-5 in your tranny, but isn't this the same company that said you couldn't run a synthetic because the rollers skidded, and then came out with a synthetic and said it was ok.

    I would rather hunt deer with a 30-06 than a .22.

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    Tank, glad to be on the same page.