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    48 dealers, 48 bikes ... but there can be only one

    SYDNEY (11th October, 2010) – To help celebrate the launch of the new Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight motorcycle, Harley-Davidson Australia is running an exciting promotional campaign that will engage dealers and enthusiasts alike !

    Pitting 48 Harley-Davidson dealers across Australia and New Zealand – including our very own Wellington Motorcycles located at 12 Kent Terrace Wellington – against one another, each participating dealer will be given a brand new Forty-Eight Harley-Davidson motorcycle to customise in a unique, creative, and innovative way. The public then decide the winner via the Judgement Day promotional website harleyjudgementday.com.au

    “For 48 days the ultimate Harley-Davidson customs will be built from brand new Sportster Forty-Eights providing a blank metal canvas for the dealers to express creativity and individuality,” said Adrian O’Donoughue, the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Manager for Harley-Davidson.

    “Every Harley-Davidson motorcycle and rider has a truly unique personality and we intend to embrace this while having some fun!”

    Wellington Motorcycles will be participating in the Harley-Davidson Judgement Day Promotion submitting what is sure to be a unique entry. The Harley-Davidson will be created by Steve, Paul and associates who can hardly contain their excitement to receive their motorcycles and let the creative juices flow!

    “The team here at Wellington motorcycles is very excited to be participating in the Harley-Davidson Judgement Day Promotion as it gives us the chance to be creative and showcase how we can personalise any motorcycle for any individual. We encourage everyone in the community to get online and vote for us,” said Steve Dundon, Director.

    Launching on 25th October the public will be invited to vote on their favourite creation at harleyjudgementday.com.au and participate in a unique competition that will give them the chance to win amazing prizes including their very own Forty-Eight Motorcycle, a Gibson Guitar, and a Harley-Davidson original leather jacket! In addition, there will be hundreds of smaller prizes such as belt buckles and other merchandise handed out each week of the campaign to those participating online.

    “You can’t just win a Harley-Davidson. You have to earn it and only the truly devout stand a chance,” adds O’Donoughue

    This exciting promotion will be complemented by an exclusive media partnership with Australia’s top media publishers ACP Magazines and also popular free-to-air sports channel OneHD who Harley-Davidson will be working closely with over coming weeks to produce a unique 30 minute program that will screen exclusively.

    All information, imagery, blogs, vlogs, and competition challenges can be found at harleyjudgementday.com.au from 25th October with winner announced 11th December.


    Notes to Editors:

    Harley-Davidson Motor Company produces heavyweight custom, cruiser, and touring motorcycles and offers a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, riding gear and apparel, and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson's Web site at Harley-Davidson USA.
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    That's preety cool. We should see some pretty nice bikes when it's all done. I bet there are some really imaginative guys "down" there!
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    Try pic's :D

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    Sounds like a cool deal to customize with HD Dealer cooperation to make the ultimate custom.:D
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    How about some feed back or even comments on the site so we can gauge an unbiased opinion. Thanks for taking the time to set up link and your time to look.
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    Have to say that I really like that Wellington B-48.
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    Have to say I am surprised at how many of the bikes entered put white walls on a 48!!!! Cool looking but not what I would do to a 48!!!!!

    I voted for the screamin 48. Like the lowered drag bars!!!!
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